How to improve your digital marketing strategy with Progressive Web Apps

By admin | 9 Dec 2017

As the latest trend to hit the mobile industry, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are generating a lot of buzz in the marketing world and companies across all industries have begun using them to increase their digital presence. There are many advantages to using PWAs over native mobile apps in terms of usability and ease-of-access for consumers which is why those on the forefront of digital marketing have recognised their potential. Here are some of the ways in which a PWA can help improve your digital marketing strategy.

URL launching

Whether users are operating on Android or Apple platforms, installing apps on their smartphone involves a lengthy process of searching and downloading. PWA’s are able to load up instantly from a simple URL link
(e.g and than can be saved on the home screen or app tray. This means that companies can promote links through various platforms such as social media, text messaging, and emails making it easier for users to share.

QR codes

QR codes provide users with a simple and instant solution to sharing data or accessing content. Your company’s PWA can be assigned a QR code, giving users instant access to the main URL or a specific section of the app. This is a great tactic for improving the extent and availability of advertising campaigns and product promotions.

Mobile search

Statistics show that in the current percentage of total internet searches being carried out on a mobile device has grown to 60%. If your current service or platform is not catered towards mobile users, you can never hope to survive or grow in the current digital market. PWA’s give companies an edge by allowing them to be the first option available when users carry out searches through their mobile browser.

Third party platforms

The benefits of having nothing more than a URL link to give users access to your PWA include being able to interlink it with other platforms and third-party companies. For example, if your company is featured on a review website such as TripAdvisor or Yelp, you can include the link to your PWA on your profile. This will make it easier for users to access your services and will increase engagement.

There are a number of ways that marketing agencies and companies looking to increase consumer engagement can utilise the simplicity of PWA. Without the need for installation, the advanced web-based apps provide a fluid way for companies to widen their scope and improve their marketing strategy.